Wholesale Introduction

Welcome future hair entrepreneurs. The Mane Sho’s wholesale drop ship program has finally been released. Trust that I have worked long and hard and have had many sleepless nights trying too produce a well thought out and profitable program just for you. God, Myself, my best vendors and design team have come up with a package offered like never before. I’m about to change hair game for real. With this program you will be giving the same price list that I use, so you will have access to the same vendors. There will be a monthly membership fee that is the same for everyone. After you join you select what vendor you want to choose that month. The vendor or vendors you choose you will be able to purchase from them for 30 days. How do I control this? You will be giving the price sheet, not the names of the vendors. I’m far from stupid. You will be able to select as many packages as you like and each month you can change vendors. How cool is that? Like I said I’m changing the game.

What else is included? Branding! You will have the opportunity to brand your products. How much will this cost you? It’s Free!! I will pay that for you. Now let’s get started. Below you can purchase your membership and vendors. Happy shopping and welcome to The Mane Sho Wholesale Drop-ship.

Level Price  
Wholesale $75.00 now and then $50.00 per Month. Select

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